Our Work

Our Work

VWood follows an eco friendly process to produce all it's wood furniture.

Logs to Lumber

  • We purchase logs directly from  regulated forests around the world that adhere to the highest environmental standards. This ensures we are using the most sustainably grown and harvested timber available.

Kiln Drying

with the help from our partner Saw mills, rough-cut lumber is placed into kilns that are heated with steam, generated from wood-fired boilers fueled by wood waste.

Rough Mill

After the drying process, the lumber enters the rough mill where it is planed, cut, glued, and processed into panels for use in furniture making.

Finish Mill

Solid wood panels are then sent to the finish mill to be made into specific parts.  After passing all quality checks, the finished parts are ready for urethane/staining/polishing application.

UV Finishing/Polishing/Staining

We use state-of-the-art polishing/staining techniques. This is the same material and application method used on pre-finished hardwood flooring. It is more resistant to damage from abrasion and chemical exposure, as well as to the effects from temperature and humidity changes than other finishes.


It is at this point of the manufacturing process that fully finished components can enter final assembly at our plant, or shipped to one of our regional assembly facilities in India.

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